Low voltage switchboards

Low voltage switchboards

The company fabricates the electrical equipment - GSCH, VRU, SCHU, SCHN, SCHR, SCHS, SCHGP, SCHBP, SCHPT, AVR, SCHU, SCHO, SCHV, YAU, SHRV, RUNN, RUSN, SCH-RV, SCH-VV.

Low-voltage complete devices (NKU) of KLM brand are produced for such nominal input currents: 1250 А, 1600 А, 2500 А, 3200 А, 4000 А, 5000 А. GRSCH are fabricated for 6300 A on request. The distribution branch currents are from 100 А to the value of the nominal input current.

GRSCH of KLM brand are fabricated in domestically produced metal enclosures according to the import substitution program. Moreover, the housing types of the best world manufacturers, such as АВВ, Schneider Electric, Rittal, DKC, can be used. The GRSCH and VRU enclosures are assembled on the basis of high-quality world manufacturers of automatic equipment and other accessories: АВВ, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Legrand, LS, Hyundai, DEKraft, Contactor, IEK, EKF, KEAZ, TDM.

Protection degree — from IP30 to IP55

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